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Get reflections on the general project, and on 'A Call to Action', from me and fellow angels.

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For over 100 days, I have been making angel wings out of trash and posting my progress on Instagram. Call Us Angels looks at the complicated relationship between gender and the ecological crisis, aiming to inform and learn from other women about this relationship. 

Now is a chance for me and fellow angels to reflect on the project so far: what worked, what didn't work and what Call Us Angels may look like in the future. 

Explore the links below to find out what these angels have been thinking. 


My reflections

Click here to get an in-depth presentation reflecting on the project so far. 


Fellow Angels' reflections

Click here to have a look at what fellow angels have thought about the project. 


On Saturday 8th August 2020, angels litter picked their way from Newlands Corner to Slyfeild Recycling Plant

The walk took 4 hours, and was live streamed from 9am to 1pm. 

This was the first time the trash angel wings were taken out of the container of Instagram and were placed onto the streets of Guildford. At the end of the walk, we called on fellow angels to continue to learn and share information about gender and the ecological crisis. We also invited them to make their own angel wings out of trash. 

To see the highlights from the walk, click here

To see the final call to action at the end of the walk, click here

To find out about how the angels felt during 'A Call to Action', click on the links below. 


My reflections

Click here to access my blog reflecting on 'A Call to Action'. 

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Angel B's reflections

Click here to see what Angel B learned from 'A Call to Action'. 


Angel G's reflections

Click here to have a look at Angel G's suggestions for the next 'A Call to Action'. 


Angel J's reflections

Click here to find out why Angel J got involved.  

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Angel Z's reflections

Click here to see why Angel Z has been such an avid supporter of Call Us Angels

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