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Find out more about Call Us Angels here.

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Call Us Angels is a practice-as-research project that creatively and critically explores the relationship between gender and the ecological crisis. Throughout this project, I have been collecting rubbish and litter picking in order to make angel wings out of trash. I then wore these wings in 'A Call to Action'. This involved litter picking with fellow angels to make my local community more aware of the relationship between gender and the ecological crisis. I then invited fellow angels to start making their own angel wings out of trash.


You can see the process of making wings on our Instagram page. You can also find out more about 'A Call to Action' here.


Having started this as an MA theatre final assignment at Roehampton University, I hope to continue to nurture the project into a call for action against climate change, the ecological crisis and gender disparities



Started to collect my trash and go litter picking

Created an Instagram account to track my process of making the wings through weekly video posts and daily vlogs.

This became a platform for learning and a community of angels.


Sorted the rubbish that had been collected into different categories: food packaging, hygiene products, stationery etc. 

Began to clean each item of rubbish.

Started to post more about research conducted, inspiring conversations with other angels.


Created a structure for the angels wings and began to weave through the rubbish.


Wore the angel wings and took to the streets of Guildford. 

Litter picked my way from Newlands Corner to Slyfield recycling plant. 

Live streamed the whole walk with the help of fellow angels.


Released instructions on how to make wings to the public. 

Called on fellow angels to make their own wings.

Invited angels to share research and ideas via the Call Us Angels blog.


Still caring for my own wings.

Aiming to create monthly litter picking sessions and workshops to help other women make their own trash wings. 

Carrying on with Instagram to continue to learn, share research and start conversations about gender and the ecological crisis.


a more in-depth explanation of the project: the inspiration, the research and the idea  

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