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Angel Z has been following Call Us Angels from the very beginning. Using questions as prompts, she reflects on her involvement in 'A Call to Action', and shares what she has learned from the project so far. 

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Why did you want to be involved in 'A Call to Action'? 

I thought it was a really brilliant idea from the day that I heard about the project and just love the idea of getting involved and doing good, as well as making a difference and actually standing up for my beliefs. It was also a lovely way to give back to the community and fight for change. 

How did you find the 4 hours of litter picking? 

It was such an amazing experience with some lows (aching feet, really bad smelling rubbish) and some great highs: getting cheered on by the public, including the MP for Guildford, and the lady who called Charlotte a 'rubbish butterfly'. 

Were you suprised at people's reaction? 

I think we did get some funny looks, but yes I was surprised at how much we were cheered and it was so rewarding and heartwarming. 

If you were organising your own litter picking session, what would you do differently? 

I think maybe have lots of different kinds of bags with us, or maybe double up bags prior to leaving in case there are sharp or heavy objects. I also think having different bags for recyclable and non-recyclable items would be good. 

Four hours is quite a while to walk too, so maybe a shorter pick would have been better, or we could've split up and met back at a different location. 

Are you thinking of making your own wings? 

Yes absolutely! I still need to watch your instruction videos. If you do a 'live' (on Instagram) on how to start making them, I'll definitely get involved. 

What  have you learned, if anything, from 'A Call to Action' and Call Us Angels in general? 

Oh my gosh! I've learned so much! 

I've learned how disproportionately women will be affected by the ecological crisis, how much good we can do and how that every little does help - people don't bother because they only think they're going to make a small difference, but its still so worth bothering! 

I've also learned that we are stronger together, so the more we involve people and inspire people, the more impact we can make. 

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Ready to litter pick. Photo Credit: Zoe Mills.

Struggling down the hill during 'A Call to Action'. Video Credit: Jen.

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