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Get a detailed look at the daily vlogs and weekly videos here.

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Call Us Angels has been taking place over on Instagram. At 12pm every Friday, I released a weekly video onto the Call Us Angels Instagram page reflecting on the process of making angel wings out of trash. These weekly videos were accompanied by daily vlogs, giving fellow angels 'backstage access' to the process, as well as insight into my thoughts, conversations and research. 

If you want to check out the Instagram page, including all the saved videos and vlogs, click here. There is always something new happening over there, so go check it out and give a follow. 

Below you can have a look through a selection of weekly videos and daily vlogs. Click on which selection of videos you want to have a look at and get watching. 

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Weekly Videos

Click here to have a look through detailed analysis of a selection of weekly videos. 

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Daily Vlogs

Click here to have a look at detailed analysis of a selection of daily vlogs. 

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