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Angel G came all the way from London to join 'A Call to Action'. Using questions as prompts, she reflects on what future action she might take - from organising her own litter picking sessions, to reducing the amount of plastic she consumes. 

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Why did you want to be involved in 'A Call to Action'? 

It was something novel, and also an excuse to spend time with friends and be outside. I also wanted to learn more about Call Us Angels

How did you find the 4 hours of litter picking? 

Exhausting! Haha! But also very enjoyable. I think because it was such a hot day it probably took the energy out of us more. I'd say I came away feeling proud of what we had achieved

Were you suprised at people's reaction? 

Yes! I loved all the enthusiasm and encouragement that we received. That was a real motivator to keep going. 

If you were organising your own litter picking session, what would you do differently? 

'A Call to Action' has definitely made me consider litter picking, especially when walking and seeing so much rubbish on the street! 

I think I'd perhaps schedule shorter sessions, followed by a social gathering - such as meeting at the pub to talk about the litter we've picked, and discuss eco-issues in a chilled environment

I also wonder whether there is an easier way to carry bags? They get very heavy! Perhaps we should bring an actual wheely bin next time! 

Are you thinking of making your own wings? 

Admittedly, I haven't considered it - but I love the idea! 

What  have you learned, if anything, from 'A Call to Action' and Call Us Angels in general? 

I suppose what I gained was more of an understanding that any contribution, however small, can lead to big changes and therefore we all have a part to play. It was inspiration to take some further action and be aware of my own impact. I'm now looking into how I can limit the amount of plastic I consume with food shopping etc. 

I know that the project was inspired out of the curiosity into how and why climate change and the ecological crisis is affecting women and why more women are concerned about it. To me, the purpose of the litter picking was to: 

1. clean the place

2. raise further awareness about these issues.


Angels ready to litter pick. Photo Credit: Zoe Mills

Angels litter picking. Video Credit: Jen.