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Angel J loves to walk and was therefore more than happy to join 'A Call to Action'. Using questions as prompts, she thinks about the alienation of extreme protest, and the need to win over the hearts and minds of people when tackling climate change and the ecological crisis.  

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Why did you want to be involved in 'A Call to Action'? 

I can't understand why people are so lazy and do not take their rubbish home, and I try my best to reduce plastic usage. So I got to do something good, while helping my wonderful friend out with her MA. Plus I love walking.  

How did you find the 4 hours of litter picking? 

Infuriating as to how much litter we actually picked up. It was an insanely hot day, so hot too. Slightly irritating, but it felt good to do something good. 

Were you suprised at people's reaction? 

Yes! I didn't realise so many people were willing to support us loudly (i.e. honking horns). Also I was surprised how many people just watched or walked past us. 

If you were organising your own litter picking session, what would you do differently? 

Bring a lot more bags! And probably have it end at a cafe so people can get drinks after the long picking session. 

Are you thinking of making your own wings? 

Yes, although I have just moved into a small flat in London so I'm not sure how easy it'll be!

What  have you learned, if anything, from 'A Call to Action' and Call Us Angels in general? 

I've learnt that there are so many resources and information out there for us to learn from in order to make our way of living more sustainable. Also a lot of it is people's determination to do things better, and there are people and groups out there that want to help. We need to do more, so much more to help.

Although I don't believe in extremism. I believe it is through hearts and minds that we will change the way people view their lives and the planet. It is a slower approach, but its more long term. Nonetheless, doing our bit to raise awareness of the climate situation and doing that bit to help keep it clean is also making a big impact. 


The group getting ready. Photo Credit: Zoe Mills.

Angels litter picking in Guildford. Video Credit: Jen.