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Angel B was eager to be involved in a litter picking group and so came along to 'A Call to Action'. Using questions as prompts, she thinks about the power of women coming together to make a difference.  

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Why did you want to be involved in 'A Call to Action'? 

I joined the litter picking to not only help a friend with her project, but also to get involved and do something to help the environment, making a difference to the community we live in. 

How did you find the 4 hours of litter picking? 

The 4 hour extravaganza was different. I enjoyed the walk and the bond we all had. The energy and enthusiasm from the group was inspiring. Towards the end I think it was a little struggle as we were eager to get to the finish because we were carrying heavy bags full of the litter we had picked. It was a great team and the day was lovely. Such a fantastic achievement

Were you suprised at people's reaction? 

People's reactions were encouraging - most of them. A few horn honks were funny, but you know, we still did it and looked good! It was so nice to hear people giving us support along the way. It gave us hope, appreciation and reminded us why we were litter picking

If you were organising your own litter picking session, what would you do differently? 

Doing another litter pick is something I would definitely do. However, maybe not 4 hours! Also using a bin or wheelbarrow instead of bags would be good. 

Are you thinking of making your own wings? 

I haven't thought about making wings, but the idea is amazing. It definitely makes you think about what materials we use, how much can be recycled and how we can look at buying different products based on what they are made of and whether they can be re-used or recycled. 

What  have you learned, if anything, from 'A Call to Action' and Call Us Angels in general? 

I have learned a lot from the wonderful Call Us Angels! The most noticeable is that women coming together to make a stand is so important, and how we can make a difference together to improve and contribute to become equal. I have also realised how much and what people consume, and how much of an impact this has. This will make a difference to what I buy and what I choose to use in the future. 

We are strong and we can achieve amazing things! 


Angels walking into Guildford. Video Credit: Zoe. 

Angels wearing their wings. Photo Credit: Zoe Mills.