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I asked fellow angels on Instagram why they wanted to follow Call Us Angels.

Here are some of their responses.

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'Such an important cause and a creative and interesting way to direct attention to climate disaster' 

I had a lot of responses from angels saying they followed in order to find out more about climate change, the ecological crisis and gender disparities. Many said they followed because it was an interesting topic that they wanted to learn more about.  

'Support the environment and a friend' 

Many of the initial angels who supported were friends who were already interested in issues of gender disparities and the ecological crisis. They formed the most active base of the project's followers, getting involved in the project's discussions and therefore encouraging other Instagram users to get involved with the project too. 

'The question is, why wouldn't I join?' 

The green activist community on Instagram welcomed with open arms. There are so many eco-friendly accounts emerging on this social media platform, that I worry that it is becoming a kind of echo-chamber. Despite this, the warm response I received from fellow eco-friendly accounts allowed more conversations to be had, and more information to be shared about the relationship between gender and the ecological crisis. 

'For it to thrive! Also to keep doing all the amazing work' 

The amount of angels who followed for the project and its creativity to succeed was overwhelming. I am so grateful for the support of these angels who would message me with positive thoughts, even when I was feeling down and was worried I would never be able to make trash angel wings.