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Got a question about the project? Check out these answers.

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Why name it Call Us Angels

Ever since Greta Thunberg started her #FridaysforFurture school strikes in 2018, the Western Media have been portraying women (particularly young, western women) as leaders in climate change activism. If this is the case, and women are more actively trying to protect our environment, could these women be seen as Guardian Angels of the world? Could the world 'call us angels'? These are all questions that led me to title this project Call Us Angels

How will women be impacted by climate change?

There are many ways women around the world that will be impacted by (and have already been effected by) climate change and the ecological crisis. I suggest you take a look at this blog post from WomanStats as a starting point to find out more about the links between gender, poverty, agriculture and the ecological crisis. If you want to find out more or talk the readings through, feel free to get in contact

Why are you making wings specifically? 

I borrowed the concept for making the wings from the notorious underwear brand Victoria's Secret. To find out more, click here to read my blog post discussing the wings. Making wings also fits with a prominent question of the project: can women really be seen as Guardian Angels of the world?

Favourite eco-friendly products? 

I do not have a completely zero-waste or plastic-free lifestyle, so I too am still learning and trying to find alternatives for everyday products. For those of you living in the UK, I suggest you look at: plastic freedom for a great selection of bathroom and home products, earthwise girls for reusable period products and earthconscious for my favourite natural deodorant. Lots of farm shops and zero-waste shops are popping up around the country, so make sure you look out for any local businesses you can support too!  

Would you recommend going vegan? 

I have been vegan, but for health reasons I am back to eating meat. I think it's important to be aware of the eco-benefits of reducing your meat in take (see here for more information), but it's also important to plan and take into account your own health. For me a flexitarian diet is the way forward, but don't let that stop you from trying vegan.

How do I get involved? 

There are many different ways you can get involved with the project:

1. Follow the instructions to start to make your own trash wings to wear whilst litter picking or protesting.

2. Find out more about the links between gender and the ecological crisis by taking a look at our resources

3. Share your thoughts and research on climate change, the ecological crisis and gender by being a guest angel on the blog

4. Follow the progress of Call Us Angels on our Instagram account


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