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Talking with... @_consciouslyeco

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

'My biggest advice is to connect [...]. The sustainability community is full of such amazing people that really do make an impact.' - Brittany, 2020

Brittany's Instagram account. Photo Credit: @_consciouslyeco.


During Call Us Angels, Brittany, from @_consciouslyeco, has been one of the angels who I have constantly turned to for advice. Whilst struggling to deal with posting on Instagram everyday, Brittany reassured me that my feelings of exhaustion and anxiety were totally normal and manageable. After 141 days of the project, I have decided to take a month break from the Call Us Angels Instagram page. This seemed like a great time to catch up with Brittany, find out more about her own Instagram journey, and work out better ways for myself to balance between activism, life and social media.

Here are a few of the questions I asked Brittany. To find out more about her page, go follow @_consciouslyeco on Instagram by clicking here.


Charlotte (from Call Us Angels): When and why did you decide to set up @_consciouslyeco?

Brittany: I decided to set up my Instagram page after I was furloughed from my job. I wanted something to keep my writing and social media knowledge/presence sharp while also being able to talk about important issues like sustainability and climate change.

Charlotte: Why did you decide to use Instagram as your platform to share information about sustainable living etc?

Brittany: I did make a Facebook as well but just noticed that Instagram has a way stronger community of people who think very similarly to how I do about sustainability. Not to mention, I just love Instagram over other social platforms more.

Charlotte: I had no idea you had a Facebook page too! I'll have to check it out. Do you find there is a lot of pressure (either from you or others) to constantly post about your lifestyle choices on all your social media platforms?

Brittany: Definitely. I still feel this way, even though I started a new job and can’t be as active as I once was. But this pressure does encourage me to still be conscious of my lifestyle choices, even though I may not have the time to post about them.

Charlotte: How often do you find yourself getting exhausted from posting on socials and from activism in general?

Brittany: It can get pretty exhausting quite quickly, especially because I work in social media day-in and day-out for my career. I’ve been taking it one step at a time after I started my new job and have given myself plenty of breaks to help combat that exhaustion.

Charlotte: As an activist, what do you think are the negatives and positives of using social media to share a message?

Brittany: The positives would be to help spread these important messages to people who are willing to listen and maybe even make changes in their own life. Negatives would be the pressure aspect of having to constantly be posting or feel like you might not be as relevant if you don't.

Charlotte: Do you have any advice for new Instagram users trying to work out a healthy balance between social media, life, activism and work?

Brittany: My biggest advice is to connect with a community that thinks very similarly to you! The sustainability community is full of such amazing people that really do make an impact. Also, absolutely take breaks. I feel awful sometimes when I'm gone from social media for extended periods of time, but I know that mental health outweighs importance to post!

Charlotte: What are your plans for @_consciouslyeco in the future?

Brittany: I am really hoping to get back into a steady groove of posting/work life balance very soon. I think it will take a bit more planning on my part. I hope to still educate/inspire those who might have just started thinking about being more eco-conscious because of all the wildfires, temperature changes, etc. that are happening now because of climate change.


I can't wait to see what Brittany gets up to in the future, and I will be sure to have an updated conversation with her once the Call Us Angels Instagram page is back up and running. Till then, why not check out this chat I had with Hannah, a fellow Instagram user who uses this platform to document 'trashy art'.

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