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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

'It’s so lovely to hear people’s trashy victories! It keeps me motivated to share my own, and to continue making art while cleaning up Mama Earth.'- Hannah, 2020

One of Hannah's pieces. Photo Credit: The Trashy Collection.


I had the chance to start up a conversation with Hannah from The Trashy Collection. The Trashy Collection has been one of my favourite Instagram accounts I have followed since starting up Call Us Angels. On this Instagram account, Hannah shares trash she has litter picked on her travels, turning this trash into colourful artworks. I wanted to ask Hannah how she started the project and find out more about how she keeps motivated.

Here's a little snippet of our conversation. Make sure you check out Hannah's work by following @thetrashycollection on Instagram.


Charlotte (from Call Us Angels): I'd love to find out more about how you started The Trashy Collection. What was your inspiration?

Hannah: I officially decided to start sharing my project and art a little over a year ago! My inspiration was a combination of things, but mostly my love for creating and my passion for the environment. I was travelling at the time I "officially" started the project, and seeing trashy things in some of the most beautiful places I'd ever been to upset me so much!

Charlotte: Why did you decide to use Instagram to share your project?

Hannah: Instagram is like a tiny blog so I though it would be fun to start sharing there. I started sharing anonymously without telling anyone I knew, because at first I thought “who would want to look at trash”?! But people seemed to enjoy learning more about the items I was picking up and how they could do better, then things started building from there!

Charlotte: Do you litter pick on your own or with a group?

Hannah: I often pick up trash by myself, but at other times my mum, friends or partner will join along.

Charlotte: It must be exhausting picking litter and then making your art pieces. How do you plan your pieces? Or are the artworks more sporadic?

Hannah: The pieces are more sporadic! But I also keep a little journal filled with ideas that pop in my head at random times. Like I said, I love creating!

Charlotte: During Call Us Angels I have found it hard to keep motivated, particularly because of the amount of trash I see in our local woodlands and parks. What keeps you picking up litter and making art?

Hannah: It definitely can be discouraging to pick up, pick up, pick up... but I like to think this is part of my "purpose", to help make a difference and I hope to do that through my trashy art. It’s so lovely to hear people’s trashy victories! It keeps me motivated to share my own, and to continue making art while cleaning up Mama Earth.

Charlotte: Where do you see The Trashy Collection heading in the future?

Hannah: I have so many ideas and so many projects in the works right now behind the scenes. I'm definitely not stopping and hope to continue to share more of what I have been working on soon!

Charlotte: I can't wait to see what the future holds for the project! One final question, why name this project The Trashy Collection?

Hannah: I decided on the name because for as long as I can remember I've had little collections of things. Fake flowers from local craft stores, Care Bear plush toys, and even insects! Growing up, this was something defining in my youth. I loved collecting! So I thought the title was fitting, as I've always been a collector. This may just be my most important collection of all.


@thetrashycollection has been one of many Instagram accounts I have followed and started conversations with during Call Us Angels. To find more accounts like The Trashy Collection to follow, check out our #followfriday section of the website here.

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