5. How did I not know?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

'Maybe you start your day with an avocado toast, then you have an avocado salad for lunch, and you finish your day with some guacamole in your dinner. The delicious and nutritious fruit has gained immense popularity over the last years, linked to a healthy lifestyle. But the underlying truth is tough: avocado production carries enormous environmental costs' - Manuel O. Ayla, 2020

Vegetable farm. Photo Credit: Wix.


DAY 85. How did I not know that it isn't just the Amazon burning in Brazil?

DAY 86. How did I not know that the Pantanal, the world's largest wetland, is on fire?

DAY 87. How did I not know that so much ice has already broken away from Greenland?

DAY 88. How did I not know about Climate Action 100+?

DAY 89. How did I not know that more than 80 villages in Fiji have had to re-locate inland due to climate change?

DAY 90. How did I not know where Fiji is?

DAY 91. How did I not know that Cardiff is ranked 6th, out of all world cities, in the scale rating which cities will be most impacted by climate change?

DAY 92. How did I not know that London is 22nd on that same list?

DAY 93. How did I not know that young climate activists are holding their own Cop26 meeting?

DAY 94. How did I not know that the Cop26 meeting was postponed?

DAY 95. How did I now know that Bangkok will be the most affected city by climate change?

DAY 96. How did I not know that the carbon footprint for an avocado is 846.36g of CO2?

DAY 97. How did I not know that this is twice the amount of the carbon footprint for bananas?

DAY 98. How did I not know that I need to try to grow my own fruit and veg?

DAY 99. How did I not know that you can overwater a strawberry plant, or any plant for that matter?

DAY 100. How did I not know that my local community would react so positively to the trash angel wings?

DAY 101. How did I not know that so many people would want to hold a monthly litter picking session?

DAY 102. How did I not know that I would feel such a relief in taking the trash wings out into the public?

DAY 103. How did I not know that walking for 4 hours wearing trash angel wings would cause physical aches and pains for weeks to come?

DAY 104. How did I not know that I would really miss making angel wings out of trash?

DAY 105. How did I not know that the trash angel wings would (and still) remain hidden in my room for weeks to come?


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