3. How did I not know?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

'Issues of gender and the impact of climate change on women and girls are not often included in the discourse on climate change, despite the disproportionate effects climate change has on women and women’s leadership on the issue.' - L.B., 2020

'Pink Watermelon' snow in Italy. Photo Credit: Getty Images.


DAY 43. How did I not know that women make up 70% of the world's poor?

DAY 44. How did I not know that the number of refugees in the world is increasing exponentially due to climate change?

DAY 45. How did I not know that women really are systemically excluded from making policy decisions on climate change and the ecological crisis?

DAY 46. How did I not know that gender based violence increases during climate catastrophes?

DAY 47. How did I not know that 41 people flee their homes every minute due to extreme weather?

DAY 48. How did I not know that women are more likely to do agricultural work and therefore are impacted more by dying crops?

DAY 49. How did I not know that Call Us Angels is making trash visible?

DAY 50. How did I not know that David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' is a banging tune to groove to?

DAY 51. How did I not know that it would have been easier to make a wing template from trash and not cardboard?

DAY 52. How did I not know that Instagram started as a platform to share art and photography?

DAY 53. How did I not know that there are so many beautiful woods to walk around in my local area?

DAY 54. How did I not know that plastic free July is a social media movement?

DAY 55. How did I not know what greenwashing is?

DAY 56. How did I not know that 235 million decent items of clothing were thrown away last year?

DAY 57. How did I not know that the Arctic Circle is seeing record high temperatures?

DAY 58. How did I not know that there will be more masks in the sea then jelly fish by the end of this pandemic?

DAY 59. How did I not know that pollution and trash can be seen as a mark of territory?

DAY 60. How did I not know that the majority of Call Us Angels followers didn't know that women will be disproportionately impacted by climate change and the ecological crisis?

DAY 61. How did I not know that my local canals are full of trash?

DAY 62. How did I not know that 'pink watermelon' snow is impacting ecological systems in the Italian Alps?

DAY 63. How did I not know that Extinction Rebellion have been fighting for the UK Government to implement greener policies and 'not go back' to life as normal after lockdown?


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