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Making, part one.

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The making stage is the longest and most complicated stage in this whole process. As a result, these instructions are going to be broken down into three different sections. Part two has been released and can be accessed here. Part three is also available here


You're going to need to work out how big you want to make your wings. For an ideal fit, measure from the top of your head to your waist. This is the length you'll need to make your wing structure. 

To work out width, put your arms out wide and get a friend to measure from elbow to elbow. This will be the width of your wing structure (half this amount to work out width of one single wing). 


Start to make an outline of a wing using these measurements for guidance. You can either do this by drawing a template of your wing onto cardboard, or by placing pieces of trash into the shape of your wing. Make each wing template separate, DO NOT MAKE THEM TOGETHER. 

I decided to make the top of my wings pointy, but research angels and be as creative as you want! 


If you have created a template out of cardboard, start to cut out the wing and repeat the process on your second wing.


For those of you who've made an outline with trash, find ways to connect the structure together. String, tape and staples are useful here, but be inventive! Create two separate wings and remember, DO NOT CONNECT THE WINGS TOGETHER YET! 


Make sure you find somewhere to store your two wing structures once they're made. For those of you with a cardboard structure, you can prop the wings by a wall using your boxes of trash to keep it in place. For those of you with a trash structure, it should be flexible and malleable enough to store in cupboards or boxes. 

DON'T WORRY IF IT BREAKS OR DOESN'T LOOK PERFECT, it'll all come together in the next stages! 


Download the instructions