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Making, part three.

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This is the final stage of making your trash wings! To complete your wings, you are going to need to source: two large sticks (could be bamboo, plastic or sticks tied together that you've foraged from the woods) and wearable shoulder straps (could be old backpack straps, yoga straps for your mat or rope). Once you have completed your wings, take them out into your local community. Whether you walk, litter pick or protest whilst wearing them is up to you. I'd love to see and hear what you get up to, so make sure to put a picture up on Instagram using the hashtag #callusangels.


You should have two outlines of wings and a centre piece. Now is the time to connect your wings together! 

If you have made your outline of the wings with trash, continue to fill up your outline with trash using string, tape or staples - whatever works best! If you have made the outline using cardboard, start to use string, tape or staples to weave your trash into a similar shape. Do not attach the trash to the cardboard, instead cut out sections of your cardboard outline and attach it to your trash wings. 


This process of weaving through your trash to make wings may take a while, but by the end you should have two separate trash wings. To connect the wings together, place them so that the two ends that need connecting are side by side. Take the centre piece you made in part two and lay it on top of the middle of the wings. 

Use rope to connect your wings together with the centre piece. First, tie one end of the rope onto a secure piece of trash. Then weave the rope through one of your layers of cardboard on the centre piece. You may need to make holes in your cardboard or use the wire in the centre piece in order to wrap the rope back around to the wing you started from. Repeat this process moving down the centre piece until one wing is connected to it. Repeat this process again on the other wing. 


The final stage is attaching your wearable shoulder straps to the middle of the wings. Use your sticks as a base for your straps. Try to tie your straps onto the sticks with string. This may take a bit of trial and error, and you may need the help of a friend to work out where you need to place your straps in order to wear the wings comfortably on your shoulders. 

Once the strap is secure and you are happy, turn the wings over so the centre piece is on the table. Use string to go over the back of the wings, making sure they are securely connected together, and the trash is all in place. 


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