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Making, part two.

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Within part two of the making stage you are going to be working with wire hangers. Please make sure you wear gloves and use pliers. Protect your eyes too by either working at a safe distance or wearing glasses or goggles. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, or are under the age of 18, please make sure you get someone to help you. 

You do not have to work with wire hangers if you don't have them. Instead find a sturdy material (i.e. layered cardboard, hard plastic bottles) to replace them with. 


We're going to be making the middle section of your wings. To do this you are going to need: some strong cardboard (three pieces), some wire hangers and some tape. 

If you do not have these items, do not panic. You can easily replace the wires with sturdy items. If you do not have any cardboard or tape, be inventive and see what you can come up with! If you need any help finding alternative materials, feel free to get in contact! 


In order to work out the size of this middle section, get a friend to measure the width of your back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. This measurement is going to be the width of the three pieces of cardboard. 

Length is not so much an issue for this middle section, but if you want to be precise you can get a friend to measure the length from the bottom of your shoulder blade to the end of your ribs. This will give you a rough length measurement to work with.


Cut out your three bits of cardboard according to these measurements. Make sure that the cardboard you use is very thick and doesn't wobble. If you only have thin cardboard available to use, you may need to layer it with extra cardboard to strengthen it. 

Get your wire hangers (or sturdy equivalent) and use pliers to shape the wire into long thin lines. You then want to bend this line in half so it looks like you have two thin wires from one hanger. 

Don't worry if the wire snaps, just make sure you keep each pair together using tape or string to do so. 


Start to stick the hangers onto one side of one of the cardboard pieces. Stick the hangers to make the shape of several crosses going across the width of the cardboard. How many wires you use to do this will depend on the size of the cardboard and how much wire you have, but I suggest using at least four wires to make one cross (two for one part of the x, another two for the other part of the x). 

After you have completed this on one side, stick another layer of cardboard to cover the wires. You then need to repeat this same process on the side of the cardboard that is not facing the wires. 

The result should be three pieces of cardboard stuck together with wires sandwiched in-between. It should feel sturdy and be hard to bend. If it doesn't feel like this, you may have to keep on layering cardboard and wires until it feels secure. 

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