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When you have collected enough trash to start making your wings, you can start to organise your trash into groups. 

Start by tipping all of your trash into one massive pile. This will give you an idea of what kind of trash you have collected. 


Make sure you have several empty boxes or containers that can be easily labelled. 

Start to separate your trash into different boxes according to categories. 

You can either categorise the trash by its role (e.g. hygiene products, food packets) or the type of rubbish it is (e.g. hard plastics, plastic bottles). 

Either way is fine, just find a way of categorising that works for you!  


Continue to sort through your trash until it all has a home. 

Going through this process will give you an idea of what rubbish you have used and collected the most and what materials you have to work with when making the wings. 

Label each box and seal with string. Do not use tape as you want to be able to re-open the boxes easily. 


Any rubbish you continue to pick can be automatically categorised. 

You might even want to make a list of each item as you go along! Totally up to you. 

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