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Please be extra careful when cleaning out household items collected (i.e. toilet cleaner). Do not attempt to clean these items without supervision (if under 18) or without wearing protective gloves. Make sure to avoid contact with eyes. Rinse out each product thoroughly before cleaning and using on wings. For more tips check out the video below.

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Choose a box of trash that needs cleaning urgently (i.e. food packets). 

If you have a bath, place all the trash into the bath and rinse with the shower head. This can also be done outside with a hose or watering can if you would prefer. 


Once rinsed, fill up two buckets with hot water. Add soap detergent to one and leave the other with just clean water. 

Take your trash and buckets outside, or to an area where it doesn't matter if the floor etc. gets wet. 

Bring towels and blankets to dry the trash on. 


Start by taking each bit of trash and cleaning it in the soapy water. If you have sensitive skin I would suggest wearing gloves. 

Make sure to turn the trash inside out and open up packets fully in order to make sure all dirt or crumbs are removed. 


Place the soapy trash into the clean water to remove excess soap. Remove from the water and leave on a towel to dry. 

Repeat this process with every bit of trash.

Make sure the storage boxes are clean, then place the trash back into their categorised boxes once dried. 

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