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Start to collect the rubbish you would usually throw out every day. 

Only collect rubbish that is safe and can be stored for a long time - YOU DON'T HAVE TO COLLECT EVERYTHING! 

Make sure any dirty packaging (i.e. food packets) are washed before storing. 


Find empty boxes etc to store your rubbish. 

Be as inventive as you can: stack the boxes, make piles of rubbish, hide the trash in your draws. 

Make sure you remember where you hide your trash! 


If you're feeling brave, start to collect rubbish you find whilst out and about. 

Make sure you bring a bag to keep the rubbish in. 

Wearing gloves to litter pick is recommended. 

Always wash your hands after, and don't pick up anything that may be harmful e.g. used face masks. 


Add your litter picked items to your stored rubbish. 

Keep collecting and picking until you have enough litter to make the wings. 

How much you collect and pick will depend on how large you want the wings. 

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