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A brief introduction to COP 26

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@sheclimate is an Instagram account, and campaign, fighting for equal gender representation on the leadership team for COP 26. 

I've learned so much from this Instagram account, including the fact that only 15% of the leadership team for COP 26 identified as women. This group are fighting to change this. 

Take a look at their Instagram account here, and make sure to give them a follow and really look through all of their informative posts. Start to think about how we can make COP 26 as inclusive impossible. Who else's voice is missing from COP 26 - not just from the leadership team, but from speakers at the conference? 


@UNclimatechange is the official Instagram for the United Nations Framework on Climate Change conventions. I was pleasantly surprised at how honest and open this account is, calling out specific developed countries who have yet to file in their emissions reports for COP 26. 

Not only does this Instagram account follow updates in the preparation for COP 26, but it also provides informative posts on climate change and the ecological crisis. Make sure to give this account a follow by clicking here

I would definitely view this and @sheclimate account together. Whose voices are missing from both accounts? Why might this be? What is the impact of refusing to pass the mic? Let me know your thoughts! 

UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021. 

This is the official site for COP 26, which hopefully will be happening November 2021 in Glasgow. After initially being postponed as a result of Covid-19, its more important than ever that we make up for lost time and have incredibly useful and insightful discussions at COP 26. 

Take a look around the whole website, including the section that introduces the UK leadership team and the UKs climate and ecological successes. Once again, who is missing from this leadership team? How can we ensure all voices are heard? What else is missing from the UKs climate and ecological successes? There definitely was no mention about the possibility of opening a new deep coal mine in Cumbria... 

To access the website click here

To find out more about what's going on in Cumbria, click here

'What is the Kyoto protocol?' from UN Climate Change.

The political history surrounding COP is very complicated, but the UN climate change website gives a great brief history of all the protocols and amendments that have taken place since the convention first started in 1995. 

The Kyoto protocol was the first to admit that climate change was an issue, legally binding developed countries to act in the interest of human safety. This is why I think this specific protocol is important to find out more about, as it led the way for future protocols, amendments and policies in the fight against climate change and the ecological crisis. 

To have a look at the Kyoto protocol, click here

I'd recommend combining this reading with the below article, also on the UN Climate Change. Both give a brief introduction into COP which may be helpful when thinking about inclusivity and accessibility of COP 26. 

'What is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change?' from UN Climate Change.

I had no idea that the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change was set up in the 90s. I also had no idea that the first ever COP conference was in 1995 - the same year I was born! This resource provides you with the basic history of COP, and highlights just how long Governments have been stumbling to try and work out what to do about climate change and the ecological crisis. 

What I find particularly interesting is the fact that this framework is on 'climate change'. This website barely mentions the fact we are in the midst of a climate emergency. I also find it interesting that climate change has been used as a umbrella term to recognise not only the human impact on our climate, but also ecological issues like biodiversity. This is confusing and scientifically incorrect. 

To check out this website, click here. I recommend you take a look at the above reading on the Kyoto protocol if you want to find out more about the history of COP. 

If you want to know the difference between climate change, climate emergency and ecological crisis, click here

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