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'Introduction: are we "green" yet? and the violence of asking such a question' by Wendy Harcourt and Ingrid L. Nelson in Practising Feminist Political Ecologies: moving beyond the green economy

This introduction to Practising Feminist Political Ecologies by academics Wendy Harcourt and Ingrid L. Nelson is a really great read to inform yourself on parts of ecofeminism that you might want to explore further. Harcourt and Nelson not only take you through what you can find in the different chapters of this book, but also provide a starting point for you to think about 'climate scare talk' (2015), how women are impacted differently by climate change and the privilege of being able to think about the green movement. I would suggest reading this if you want to learn more about ecofeminism, but also if you are scared of academic texts. This is an easy, informative read that illustrates the fact that not all academic texts are obnoxiously non-understandable. 

You should be able to access the introduction to this book by following this linkHowever, in order to access the whole book you would need to purchase it. Instead of going straight to buy this book, why not go to your local library to see if they can get it in for you? If you have any problems accessing the link or this book, get in contact and I will try to help you out. 

Feminist Ecologies: changing environments in the Anthropocene by Lara Stevens et al. 

This has been one of my favourite books to read throughout my research for Call Us Angels. Like Harcourt and Nelson's Practising Feminist Political Ecologies, this book includes many different voices looking at many different aspects of ecofeminism. I would suggest starting with the introduction in order to work out which chapters of the book may be of interest for you. I would also recommend reading 'Chapter 8: Climate Guardian Angels: Feminist Ecology and the Activist Tradition' by Australian-based academic Denise Varney. Within this chapter, Varney explores the Australian activist group Climate Guardians who, as their name suggests, also use angel wings to bring climate injustices to light. Varney also gives a background to ecofeminist activism, something that many be useful for those of you who want a bit more of the history of ecofeminism. 

This book is not available online. However, I would suggest going into your nearest university library to see if they have it. If not, talk to you local library. 

The book can be purchased from this link here. I usually avoid getting items from Amazon, but I couldn't find the book anywhere else. If you find another link please let me know and I will change this. 

If you want to find out more about the Climate Guardians, click here

Click here to have a look at how the Climate Guardians have impacted Call Us Angels

Ecofeminism: women, culture, nature by Karen J. Warren. 

Ecofeminism: women, culture, nature is a dated book but still useful for those of you wanting to learn more about ecofeminism. A lot of the articles included in this book are quite dry to read. However, 'The Introduction' by academic Karen J. Warren is useful to ground your understanding of ecofeminism. This introduction also briefly explains each contribution in the book, giving you an idea of what you might want to read or research next. Petra Kelly, a German activist, writes a really powerful chapter entitled 'Women and Power' that I would suggest you read. Although some of Kelly's facts and figures will now be outdated (this book was first released in 1997), Kelly's writing really explores why ecofeminism is necessary and what ecofeminism should 'do'. Another tip for when you're reading this book is to make a note of the research each contributor used when writing their chapter. This way you'll have a spring-board for more research, and may be able to gain further insight into information the writer was trying to put across to you the reader. If academic readings are new to you, but you want to look into ecofeminism, I would suggest starting with Feminist Ecologies: changing environments in the Anthropocene by Lara Stevens et al as this is a newer and more accessible book. Then try and chew on this book after that! 

Once again, this book is not available online. I would suggest talking to your nearest university library to see if they can get you access to it. If not talk to your local library. I have only been able to find a link to purchase this book on Amazon (which can be accessed by clicking this link). If you manage to find a way to purchase it that isn't Amazon let me know and I will change this link. 

If you want to access Lara Steven's book, I would suggest you talk to your libraries first before purchasing the book here

For those of you unfamiliar with Petra Kelly, like I was when I started this project, click here to find out more.