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@dominiquedrakford, '5 easy tips for reducing plastic waste when leaving the house' 

Dominique Drakeford's Instagram account explores environmental and racial issues. This IGTV, sent to me by a fellow angel, highlights simple tips you can make to reduce your plastic waste whilst out and about. This video was so useful to remind me of the little things I could be doing to reduce my own waste - particularly when travelling back and forth from university. Drakeford also emphasises the fact that #plasticfreejuly, and other social media movements, should not just be confined to one particular month. 

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For Drakeford's Instagram account, click here

Drakeford also has a website recording all her sustainable lifestyle choices. Click here to have a look and find out more. 

@caradelevinge, 'Cara Delevinge and Dr Vandana Shiva on the interconnected crisis on food, climate and health'

Model and activist Cara Delevinge has been a part of the Instagram account @myecoresolution. @myecoresolution aims to educate and inform people on the climate crisis in the hope that it mobilises communities around the world to take action. A fellow angel sent me this particular video from @myecoresolution as it explores the interconnectedness of the crisis we are facing, with Indian activist and scholar Dr Vandana Shiva. This video also discusses some of the more complicated issues we are facing, like colonial economies, in order to make these issues more digestible to the viewer. 

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For more information on @myecoresolution, click here

If you want to know who Cara Delevinge is click here, and here for more information on Dr Vandana Shiva. 


James Gallagher's 'Fertility rate: jaw dropping global crash in children being born' for BBC Health

There have been some interesting discussions about the drop in fertility rates happening around the world. A fellow angel sent this article to me as a lot of the discussions happening revolve around the theory that women now have the power to choose whether they want children or not - a power that should be celebrated and not frowned upon. Many are also suggesting the drop in fertility rates could be to do with anxieties around the future of our planet, something that I had not considered. 

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