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Tala is a great sustainable sportswear brand. They make their garments from plastic bottles and factory offcuts. They pride themselves for being champions of slow fashion, and make sure all of their garments are made ethically. 

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To see what sportswear they make, click here to be taken to their website. 


@thisisbwright, talking with @queerbrown vegan about climate education

This is a really interesting conversation between two climate activists about how we learn about climate change and the ecological crisis. Throughout Call Us Angels, I have found the information about the relationship between gender and the ecological crisis not only difficult to read due to scientific terminology, but often inaccessible too. This conversation between Bonnie and Isaias explores how we can engage and teach more people about climate change and the ecological crisis, and remove these barriers stopping people accessing the information they need. 

To listen to their conversation, click here

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@bbcnews, does your teabag contain plastic? 

As an avid tea drinker, I was shocked to find that many of the popular UK tea brands have teabags made from plastic. This means these teabags cannot be recycled. What's more, it means a lot of the UK population are ingesting plastic particles through drinking a cup of tea! 


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I had no idea that 7th-13th of September is #zerowasteweek. There are so many social media movements happening, that often the smaller hashtags get left behind. #zerowasteweek encourages participants to not throw away any waste for a week. The movement also tries to make more people aware of the benefits of living a zero waste lifestyle. I don't know how effective these hashtag movements are in changing people's habits, particularly as we often forget that these movements shouldn't be just for a week, but a lifetime! But it's still important to have this kind of information accessible on social media. 

To have a look at the #zerowasteweek hashtag, click here


This was another hashtag movement I had no idea about! #secondhandseptember was started by the charity Oxfam to encourage more people to buy second hand items. Throughout September, Oxfam shares information about the impact fast fashion is having on our planet, in order to make people understand that we need to change our consumerist habits. 

To take a look at what Oxfam have been up to, click here to be taken to their Instagram page. 

If you want to see the #secondhandseptember hashtag in action, click here


WWF, stand up for nature

The WWF website have some great petitions to sign. 'Stand up for nature' is a petition calling for the UK Government to put nature on the path to recovery by 2030. They want the Government to implement laws that will protect nature and wildlife not just in the UK, but around the world. The WWF need 10,000 people to sign this petition in order to get the chance to take this petition to Government. 

They also have another petition calling for the UK Government to stop our involvement in the destruction of the Amazon rain forest.

These are both super important issues our Government needs to address fast. It only takes a minute or so to sign your name on these petitions. 

To sign the 'Stand up for nature petition', click here

To sign the 'Stop UK's role in the destruction of the Amazon', click here