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@ayaneliza is the Instagram account of Dr. Ayana E Johnson, a marine biologist and eco-warrior based in America. Dr. Johnson's account was suggested to me by a fellow angel during the #blacklivesmatter movement as Dr. Johnson was posting a lot of informative and interesting content about what it is like to be a black woman fighting for climate and ecological justice. She continues to post insightful content, including talks, workshops and events inviting open conversation as to how we can solve the climate and ecological crisis. 

To follow Dr. Johnson's Instagram account, click here

To have a look at some of the posts she has shared about race, environmental issues and intersectionality, click here


This Instagram account was sent to me during a time when I was feeling particularly low and exhausted with the project. @ecoage is a great account as not only do they post information about how to tackle climate and ecological issues, but they also share uplifting and positive news about ecological success happening around the world. We need this positive outlet in order to keep on fighting for climate and ecological justice. Without this positive news, we would never realise the impact our small actions are having on the world.

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@living_on_a_plastic_planet was sent to me by a fellow angel when I needed some alternative, plastic free options for my skincare. This Instagram account is run by a PhD student specialising in plasticiser toxicology (the impact plastic may have on human and animal health). She also happens to have amazing recipes for zero-plastic face masks. 

To have a look at her account, click here

For more information on her PhD studies, click here


@plastic_patrol was sent to me by a fellow angel once she found out I would be litter picking in 'A Call to Action'. Plastic Patrol are a great company, that I would never have found out about without the help of an angel. This company organises fun litter picking sessions around the world, using an app to log each bit of litter that is picked up. They litter pick whilst doing yoga, canoeing and paddle boarding! Their aim is to make litter picking fun, encourage more people to get involve and learn about the impact rubbish is having on our world, and eventually log one million pieces of trash picked. 

Needless to say I will be using the app on Call Us Angel's next litter picking extravaganza

To follow @plastic_patrol's journey, click here

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Primal Suds are a natural soap company based in the UK. This company was suggested to me when I asked fellow angels on Instagram what plastic free soaps I should be using. I can't wait to try out this company as they are one of a limited number of natural, plastic free shops whose prices aren't through the roof! 

If you've already tried out Primal Suds' products, I'd love to hear how you got on! 

For those of you who are new to the company, you can check out their Instagram account here

You can also access their website by clicking here


The Plastic Free shop provides you with simple plastic free swaps to make your everyday life a little bit more eco-friendly. However, this was not the reason why this company was sent to me. A fellow angel found out that @theplasticfreeshop were supporting the #returntooffender movement, and thought I needed to hear about the movement! #returntooffender does what it says on the tin. It encouraged participants to take the litter packaging back to the companies producing it, in the hope that these corporate companies will face up to the fact they are destroying our planet. This is something I want Call Us Angels to be a part of too, so stay tuned for a #returntooffender session. 

In the meantime, take a look at @theplasticfreeshop by clicking here

For my favourite product on the Plastic Free Shop website, click here

If you want more information on the #returntooffender movement, click here

Throughout Call Us Angels, I have been trying to reduce the amount of waste, particularly plastic waste, I produce. I have found this really tricky, particularly when trying to find gifts for friends and family. A fellow angel recommended I look This company make eco-friendly gift boxes for you or your loved ones. It is a subscription service that plants a tree with every box purchased (I love this idea). 

If you're looking to reduce your plastic consumption, but don't know where to start, give a follow by clicking here

To find out more about the ethos of this company, click here