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Emer Delaney. 'What is a flexitarian diet?'. BBC Good Food. n.d.

For those of you ready to get going with your flexitarian diet, this is the resource for you. Delaney gives a brief introduction to flexitarianism, and then goes straight into suggesting some yummy recipes that you can easily access on the BBC Good Food website. 

To get cooking, click here

EEA. 'Agriculture and climate change'. EEA. 2020. 

The EEA provides us with a short article exploring the relationship between agriculture and climate change, which was particularly useful for when researching agriculture a few weeks ago. However, a lot of what is said in this article has really persuaded me to try and be as plant based as possible; some of the facts and figures on food security is absolutely terrifying. 

If you're still not convinced eating less meat will help the planet, this is the article for you. Click here to access it. 

IPCC. 'Food security'. Special report: special report on climate change and land. n.d.

This is a hefty report that I started to read when researching the impact climate change will have on agriculture and food security. Although this report doesn't specifically talk about flexitarianism, it does highlight the worrying trend between the increase of human population, and increase in meat consumption. This report highlights the importance for people, particularly those of us living in Western and more privileged countries, to eat more plant based - not just for eco reasons, but for health too. 

To have a look at this report, click here. Be warned there is a lot that this report covers, but you can easily skip to chapters that you want to read. 

Pass notes. 'Flexitarianism: isn't it just vegetarianism with cheating?'. The Guardian. 2013. 

This is a very short, tongue and cheek article from The Guardian. It's definitely one for those of you not too convinced of Flexi diets as it calls out its flaws, but also neatly argues for its benefits. If you're in a rush, this would also be a good article to read just to get an overview of the subject. 

To access this short article, click here

Chloe Scott. 'Flexitarianism: McCartneys lead rise of vegivores'. Metro. 2013. 

I had no idea that Flexitarian diets have been around since the early 00s, and this article by Scott gives a really good overview of the plant based trend from then onwards. Although this article is from the Metro, a UK newspaper that has a very 'brief' and 'gossipy' style, it provides us with some useful facts. 

It's quick and easy to read, and highlights some interesting thoughts on the impact celebrity culture has on diets. 

To access the article, click here

I would also consider reading this article, with the below article by Lizzie Streit. Streit provides a more American perspective, but also includes some useful tips and tricks for those of you attempting to be Flexi. 

Lizzie Streit. 'The flexitarian diet: a detailed beginners guide'. Healthline. 2019. 

Although this is a very American article, it does give a good background to Flexitarian Diets and its grow in popularity. 

They event provide some health advice for when transitioning to a more plant based diet, which is super helpful!

If you want to take a look at this article, click here

YouGov. 'Is the future of food flexitarian?'. White Paper. 2019. 

This has to be my favourite resource out of this whole reading list. YouGov provide us with data and insight into the UK population's eating habits, finding out that 14% of us consider ourselves flexitarian. 

If you like looking at data, and colourful graphs, this is definitely the resource for you. 

I would definitely combine this resource, with one of the above articles, as it highlights that being eco isn't as popular a reason for turning flexi as some of the other resources on this reading list will have you believe. 

You may have to sign up to YouGov in order to access this paper. However, it is free to access so you should be ok. If you have any issues feel free to message me. Here is the link you will need.