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Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. 'North Sea Transition Deal'. Policy Paper. 2021. 

This policy paper goes into detail on the North Sea Transition Deal. The deal was made this year with the aim of cutting emissions in the North Sea, so it's even more mad that our Government is considering approving a new oil field at Cambo (in the North Sea basin).


The front page of this website gives a really great overview of the plan for cutting down emissions in the area. If you're feeling brave, you can also take a look at the policy paper itself. It's 51 pages of hardcore stuff, so prepare yourself! 

To access the policy paper, and its overview, click here

Abbi Garton-Crosbie. 'Cambo oil field: what does i mean for climate targets?'. The National, 2021.

This article by Garton-Crosbie really gives a fab overview of the situation in Cambo. It provides you with useful background information, as well as highlighting the reasons for environmental campaigns against the proposed drilling. 

This is a short but detailed read. Definitely one you can skim through for 10 mins. To check it out, click here

@mikaelaloach. 'Mikaela Loach', Instagram, 2021

For those of you who prefer keeping up with the world via social media, you just definitely check out Mikaela's Instagram. Mikaela is a fab activist who is at the forefront of the Cambo protests. They post super helpful articles, and also go live to show us what is happening at the protests. 

To give them a follow, click here. 

Siccar Point Energy. 'Corona Ridge Area' and 'Our Strategy'. Siccar Point Energy, n.d.

These two resources gives you more of an insight into Siccar Point Energy as a company. Their 'Corona Ridge Area' page highlights just how active the oil industry is in the North Sea. There is a lot of oil industry jargon in these resources, but don't be put off! If I can make my through this, so can you! 

Their 'Our Strategy' page tells us about the company itself. Again there is a lot of jargon in there. But just push through it folks. If you have any questions, you know where I am! 

To check out more info on the 'Corona Ridge Area', click here. To take a look at Siccar Point Energy's strategy, click here

@stopcambo. 'Stop Cambo Field'. Instagram, 2021. 

@stopcambo is the official Instagram page of the protests against Cambo. Like @mikaelaloach, this page shares facts, resources and information on the protests taking place. If you're interested in joining a protest again Cambo, this is the page to follow! 

Check it out here

Edward Thicknesse. 'New North Sea oil field set for approval ahead of COP 26'. City A.M., 2021

Ticknesse's article was the first I read about the situation in Cambo. Like Garton-Crosbie's article, it gives a fab overview of the situation that is unfolding. I would definitely recommend reading this article alongside Garton-Crosbie's; reading both together will helped me solidfy my understanding of the situation. 

This article is easy to read, and definitely one you can fit in if you have a spare few minutes. To give it a read, click here

Oliver Wright. 'UK prepares to approve oilfield despite COP26 climate conference'. The Times, 2021

Can you tell I like to read news articles?! Here's another for you... 

I found this thanks to @StopCambo, so make sure you go follow them on Instagram here. 

The only issue with this article is that you may have to sign up to The Times in order to read it. If this is the case, and you don't want to sign up, I would suggest the other two articles included in this list. All three articles give a similar overview. 

What's particularly interesting about Wright's article is the focus on COP 26, that will be happening November this year in Glasgow. It's interesting that so many people are using this conference as a way to pressurize the Government into taking climate action in order to 'not look bad'... we shall see whether it works! 

To have a look at this article, click here.